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Koltiva is an integrated agriculture technology company that provides tailor-made software solutions and services for end-to-end business processes. Established in 2013 in Indonesia, and incorporated 2017 in Switzerland, our game changing solutions are now already successfully used by our clients and its suppliers in 26 countries. Koltiva is the leading agriculture system specialist geared towards helping oil palm, cocoa, coffee, rubber, seaweed, and natural ingredients companies achieve profitable and inclusive growth. Through our proven end-to-end software solutions and services, we help improve operational efficiency, significantly reduce costs and risks, increase farmers profitability and develop sustainable production and trade from farm to factory.

The company name Koltiva derives from the word cultiva which is from mid 17TH century medieval Latin cultivat- ‘prepared for crops,’ from the verb cultivare, from cultiva ( terra ) ‘arable (land).

Koltiva is ISO 27001:2013 certified, which verifies that Confidentiality, Access Control, Integrity, and Availability is integrated in our platform solutions.

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Our Executive Team

Furqonuddin Ramdhani Linked In Icon
Chief Technology Officer
Furqonuddin Ramdhani

Dhani is leading Koltiva IT department for ground breaking and custom made Software development, tailor-made to our client business requirements.

Dani got a bachelor’s degree from Gadjah Mada University major in Electrical Engineering and master’s degree from Indonesian University major in Information Technology.​

Manfred Borer Linked In Icon
Chief Executive Officer
Manfred Borer

Manfred is leading Koltiva product development and expansion strategy.

Manfred graduated as a Business Process Manager with an Engineer Degree from the University of Applied Sciences North Western Switzerland, majoring Plant Management.​

Ainu Rofiq Linked In Icon
Chief Operating Officer
Ainu Rofiq

Rofiq is leading Koltiva service development and project implementation to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.​

Rofiq graduated from Gadjahmada University major in Computer and Informatics System​

Armia Saubun Jamil Linked In Icon
Chief Financial Officer
Armia Saubun Jamil

Armi is leading Koltiva business administration.​

Armi obtained a Master of Business Administration majoring Strategic Management from Gadjah Mada University and a Bachelor of Economics major in Accounting from Trisakti University.​

Our Mission : Fair and Sustainable Supply Chains through Technological Innovation
7 Koltiva Core Values


Koltiva delivers solutions that empower our corporate clients to fully explore, analyze and re-envision the way they do business

Koltiva delivers solutions that empower our corporate clients to fully explore, analyze and re-envision the way they do business

7 Koltiva Core Values

Koltiva will never be satisfied with current solutions. We continuously seek inspiration and innovation that will revolutionize our products and services

7 Koltiva Core Values
Data Transparency

Koltiva provides its customers with the hard data necessary for full traceability, not random samples with extrapolated assumptions. We deliver the data that is needed for a fully transparent supply chain beyond borders.

7 Koltiva Core Values
Transparent Supply Chains

Koltiva is the model that the industry emulates. We lead by example in our relationship with farmers, clients and each other. Our strength comes from our different backgrounds and personalities. We hold strong principles of universal respect for all and discrimination against none

7 Koltiva Core Values
Environmental Responsibility

Koltiva promotes environmental protection across supply chains, starting in our homes and offices. Koltiva aims to mitigate environmentally-damaging practices in all that we do

7 Koltiva Core Values

Koltiva believes in continuous growth and learning. We are convinced that we all must be exposed to new ideas to reach beyond what is possible today. We foster curiosity and the desire to learn, grow and innovate

7 Koltiva Core Values

Koltiva encourages our employees to innovate and challenge current industry standards. Koltiva promotes creativity and determination and strives to see all employees achieve personal and professional success

Our Services

Software Development and Software as a Services

Software Development and Software as a Services

Software Development and Software as a Services

We are specialized in creating with our Customers and Product Development Partners​ tailor made cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our web and mobile applications include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resources Management (ERP), and Sustainability Project Management and Result Measurement Platforms KPI), Transparency Solutions in Commodity Supply Chains, and Product Traceability Applications​.

Agri-Inputs and Finance Market Place

Agri-Inputs and Finance Market Place

Agri-Inputs and Finance Market Place

Our Marketplace solution enables farmers to access agri-inputs and financial services on the FarmCloud, one of the mobile application developed by Koltiva. With our Field Agents, we are mapping all bank offices, seedling nurseries, agri-input distributors and kiosks in rural areas where farmers collaborating with Koltiva are located.

We provide a mobile application to Input Supplier with procurement, stock management, cash flow, and customer relationship management functionalities.

The Input Suppliers can communicate with chat or call function with Farmers and Koltiva supporting

Household Surveys and Farm Evaluations

Household Surveys and Farm Evaluations

Household Surveys and Farm Evaluations

Voluntary Farm Certifications and Sustainability Standards need mapping of the farms/plantations and annual evaluations of social, environment, and economic practices. Koltiva Field Agents are trained and specialized in Farm Evaluations and to support the establishment of Farm Business Plans​.

Farmer Training and Coaching

Farmer Training and Coaching

Farmer Training and Coaching

Koltiva Field Agents are deployed to rural and semi urban areas to coach users of our commodity platform solutions. Capacity building to independent smallholder farmers and small to medium sized enterprises aligned with multinational companies supply chains is key to successful sustainability projects​​​.

Implementation of Responsible Sourcing Standards

Implementation of Responsible Sourcing Standards

Implementation of Responsible Sourcing Standards

Our Commodity Management Platforms come with an integrated Internal Management System (IMS) module which is required in any Voluntary Farm Certification and Sustainability Standard project. Koltiva Field Agents support the independent certificate holders managing the IMS and to receive and renew the annual certificates​.

End-to-End Traceability

End-to-End Traceability

End-to-End Traceability

Koltiva provides services that validate products traceability to the farm or plantation in agriculture commodities supply chains. The Product Traceability feature is fully integrated in commodity management platforms linking smallholder farmers through the collection, trade, and processing, to our clients factories. Koltiva Field Agents based along the supply chain provide capacity building and support to each aggregator forwarding the commodities.​​

Our Products

Our cloud based web and mobile software applications for project and supply chain management are customized and tailor-made to our clients business processes. Environmental, social, and economic sustainability starts with traceability – with our platform solutions businesses improve quality and efficiency, while reducing risks through multilayered global supply chains.

Our Products
Never Ending Innovation to Accelerate the Worlds Transition to Sustainable Business

314 K

Independent Producers Verified

639 K

Smallholder Farms Mapped (HA)

101 K

Commodities Responsibly Sourced (MT)

677 K

Transactions From Farm to Factory


Small, Medium and Multinational Enterprises


Commodities and Platform Solutions



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platforms

Software as Services

OneTrace is the office suite covering all management and administration needs of your organization and projects. With OneTrace, you have a one-stop service tool available for all tasks in project acquisition, project management, and project evaluation.

The web and mobile applications from OneTrace enable more efficient processes and reporting across your organization in Product Management, Contact/Customer Management, Human Resources, Travel and Time Management, Procurement and Logistics, Bookkeeping and Invoicing, Content Management and Communications, and Project Management.​ Current Functionalities are tailor-made for Non-Government Organization and Small to Medium sized Enterprises.

Software as Services

B2BTrace is the CRM Solution to help importers connect with reliable suppliers in developing and transitional countries. Exporters can access new markets and find future business partners, hence are better integrated into the sustainable global market of goods and services. B2BTrace enables Business Service Organizations planning and executing match making events for importing and exporting companies across the globe.​

B2BTrace is also the application of choice for Sector Associations and Public Private Partnerships​ for Member and Event Management. B2BTrace has integrated features for Customer Relationship Management, Event- Task- and Activity Planning, as well as Monitoring and Reporting of Key Performance Indicators across different Work Streams.

Commodity based Management Platforms

There is no sustainability in smallholder farmer dominated agriculture without product traceability to the plantation. There can’t be traceability without digitizing smallholder farms and the downstream supply chain to processing facilities and factories. Through a mapped, traceable and transparent supply chain, sustainability activities from responsible businesses can be targeted to those in the supply chain who need improvement. There is a lot of improvement needed, from unprofessional and unprofitable smallholder farming to low quality post-harvest management and product/food waste in the trade. With Koltiva mobile and web applications, the smallholders, traders, the processing industry, as well as input suppliers and banks can be connected though our sustainability management and end-to-end traceability platforms.

Koltiva has developed the FarmCloud to provide Smallholder Farmers access to all information stored in the cloud platforms, collected by Traders, Input Suppliers, Koltiva Field Agents and Extension Staff. The FarmCloud provides an unique and unparalleled access to inputs, knowledge, finance, and markets for Smallholder Farmers while they are enabled to decide upon the use of their personal data. Less than 30% of the more than 300,000 Smallholder Farmers with their economic, environmental, social and agriculture data processed in Koltiva have a smartphone or access to a smartphone. Hence, to ensure that Smallholder Farmers can fully benefit from technological innovation, low cost but powerful smartphones must be available in remote areas and collaboration with telecommunication and government must be improved to provide reliable and affordable data connection. To avoid short cuts and unsustainable practices, consumers and consumer brands requiring full traceability to plantations and smallholder farms must be working close with processing industry that everyone in the agriculture product chain makes a profit and services are accurately paid for.​

Mobile Applications connected to Koltiva Cloud-Based Ecosystems

Software as Services
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The Input Supplier mobile application is handled by seedling nurseries and farm input kiosks/shops in rural areas. FarmRetail provides among other functionalities stock management, cash flow, and customer relationship management.​ The Input Suppliers can ​communicate ​through the ​mobile application ​with farmers and Koltiva supporting staff. Customers can use cashless payment systems

Software as Services
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The FarmCloud is the mobile application which provides the farmers access to all their personal data stored in Commodity Web platforms, access to farm inputs and finance, and to receive transaction notifications from the traders/off takers. Farmers can chat real time with traders and collectors to access price and quality information or arrange pick up of products. Farmer “attest” the notification to confirm the sales transaction to confirm traceability and business transparency. Farmers can receive and execute cashless payments

Software as Services
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Koltiva Field Agents using the Field Survey Application are connected to the Commodity Web platforms, adding and updating all information from independent smallholder farmers and their farms or plantations. Field Agents can ​communicate through FarmXtension ​with farmers, ​traders, and ​input suppliers to arrange visits, coaching, and business support

Software as Services
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The Traceability Application is handled by collectors, traders, buying stations, warehouses, and the processing factories. Every supply chain level “attests” the downstream level transactions added to the traceability platform. The supply chain aggregators can ​communicate through FarmGate with ​farmers, other ​supply chain aggregators, and Koltiva supporting staff. Payments to farmers can be done via EC Terminals or in-app cashless payment systems

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